Twilight of the World

Wiligut's Visions

The Past, that Wiligut saw
Becomes apparent in the Present sometimes
And Power which slept in mengirs for the ages
Now comes to World
Something strange in the worlds,
And doors are open only for Elite
A breath of wind – and everything changes suddenly
And gray-haired priests begin their ritual…

The Past, that Wiligut saw
Contains the Knowledge,
Which was secretly kept by cursed clan
But world, defeated by machines,
Can’t take it anymore
To hear the summons of the Past
And at the ancient sanctuaries
The souls of priests are waiting for Elite,
The ones, who after going through the borders
Will take in legacy of ancestors…

The Past, that Wiligut saw
Resounds like an echo, reflects in sacred waters.
It rashes past through witches’ signs
And freezes for a while
At point of the worlds’ crossing.
The Past comes back
To bearers of clan’s memory,
Only few from millions,
Keeping the souls of priests inside.

© 2004 translation by Olga X & Flora


© 2004 Wolfsblood