Twilight of the World

Twilight of the World

Twilight of the World did come.
The sleepy visions interlace,
And the Norns’ voices
whispering about the Holy Ash
bleeding, -
About the Ases,
ready for the Final Battle.

Upon the stones moss-covered,
In the dells haze-shrouded
The ancient Runes return to life.
The shadows of the warriors long gone
Raise among the thunder clouds
above the silent fiords…

Twilight of the World has deepened.
Vala's prophecy came true.

Wolves are howling on the ruins of the world,
Upon the peoples’ ruined souls
Where springs welled out
Are only deserts…

Jehovah’s power's feeble now -
Powerful Wodan’s waking up to life
in heathen temples among the wastelands.

Twilight of the World went down.
And the altars are blood-coloured -
The ancient power returning into the world.

New priests are painting galdrastavs.
carving the ancient signs on stones,
And their gods are dancing
upon the snowy dales of North.

The leaves of Iggdrasil run blood,
One-eyed Wodan comes into my dream
And draws prophetic symbols on the snow.
Corax the Raven spreads his wings...

© 2004 translation by Wolffanger & Flora


© 2004 Wolfsblood