Twilight of the World



Although this album was released in 2004, we can't let this kind of bands go by. Because, this band made a hell of a job here.
This is a musical project that comes from the cold lands of Russia.
WOLFSBLOOD is a musical project que gathers various members of other bands from across that country, but has is "frontman" that gives name and voice to the project.
Shamanism it's well present on the compositions, through deep percurssions and voices murmuring chants or reciting passages from the Ancient Veddas from the North. The samplers are very well made, since the wolves howling to the wind, to the seagulls flying over the cold sea.
If you can associate colours to sounds, it will be very difficult for you, not to associate the earth colours to this work of WOLFSBLOOD. The next album is being put together, but it will be a while until you can listen to something so cold, magical and involving such as this.

Spring 2006





2006 Wolfsblood