Twilight of the World



A "cliché" starting question: How did WOLFSBLOOD appear? Introduce yourself and the project.

My project appeared in 1995, when I decided that it would be interesting to paint my poetry with a sound like it usually made in radio shows. I didn’t plan to write music, because I’m not a musician. Before “Twilight of the World” I recorded 2 albums which were quite naive in technical way. Only some of my friends have them in their private collections.

Is there a hidden significance behind WOLFSBLOOD's name?

Wolfsblood is my literary pseudonym, which I used to sign my poetry and I’m still using it. I got used to use this name so much, that only people who don’t know about my works call me by my real name. Wolfsblood is a symbol of my inside resistance from the System. It’s a symbol of me…

The musical construction on your debut album "Twilight of the world" seems very primitive and shamanic like. Is shamanic culture an integrant part of WOLFSBLOOD?

Well of course, Shaman culture is very important for me, but you shouldn’t compare my way of its understanding and the traditional Shaman culture of Northern nationals. My Shamanism is the shamanism of white man living in industrial culture, but reaching for Ancient Northern background.

I recently had the pleasure to see WOLFSBLOOD video untitled "Goddess". The musical construction is very different, much more organic. Is this a preview of WOLFSBLOOD's next work, or something made and forgotten?

Track "Goddess" was made by me and Iliya Lipkin (Waldsonne). No doubt it will be included in my new album. But it’s not the reason to think that all the tracks there will be like “Goddess”. The new album will be various like “Twilight of the World”.  And concerning my video, I think that it was rather exclusion and we will hardly see another one video experiment.

The use of runes: I noticed the rune Ansuz (rune for message) appearing on the "Goddess" video. Religion and personal belief or merely a symbolic message?

Ansuz is very close to “Goddess”.. This rune means godlike and fully concerned with the poetry of this track. If you read the full meaning of this rune and translation of my poetry thoroughly, you will pick up what I wanted to say. Covering message, connection with the Sacral. I’m not a film loop-maker, but I think this video was a successful experience to bring what I wanted to say to people.

Back to the album. Did you had any influences from other bands of the genre?

Yes, of course it was some kind of influence. And first of all it was Radio Werewolf. I can’t say that I like Satanists, but this band showed me that you may not be the professional musician, but you can create original, difference from others, full of sacral atmosphere music. Unfortunately, there’re too few bands in this style.

Does WOLFSBLOOD perform live? I don't know of any concert performed by you.

There were no live concerts. I’m not interested in night-club concerts and I don’t see any good place for my performance. And another problem with band composition: I don’t have musicians for the concert. You know they are very different things to invite musicians for album recording and to prepare a live concert together. I took part in different concerts in other bands composition. For example, it was at the fort Stein in Kenigsberg with ritual project Weldisna ( )  (I’d like to make a live concert at a place like that) and in composition of Embrace of Branches band (I can’t call any our performance successful).

To finish this interview: a word for the readers.

If you like music style as dark/neofolk/ritual, don’t be just consumers, try to create something yours in this sphere. I know a very good band in Portugal. It’s Dwelling. And I hope we will hear new interesting and nationally directed projects soon which will become very famous in Europe.

© 2006 Translated by Flora


© 2006 Wolfsblood