Twilight of the World

Eternal Winter

The key word was - War
And soon it found its real meaning...
It came down as fiery tornado,
It swept across the land as poison smog.
The War.
It covered with snowstorm, destroyed the life
And the Eternal Winter came to earth

The only ruins from the greatest cities,
Sad, snow-bound, with nigrescent holes,
Were left…

Eternal Winter killed all of people
Nobody gave birth to young generation
And only big grey rats,
They could survive
In world of the Eternal Winter

Everything which could be eaten was eaten
There were no bones left from people
And shoals of hungry rats
In desert metro tunnels, bomb shelters
They started their fights,
For life and genus
And rats blood sprinkled poison snow...

It lasted for Eternity,
Eternal Winter
As ruthless hunters for themselves
Rats saved, were born and died
In world, belonging only to them -
In world of the Eternal Winter.

© 2004 translation by Flora


© 2004 Wolfsblood