Twilight of the World


Cynfeirdd n°19, Spring-Summer 2005

C: How did you create Wolfsblood?
In fact, this is my own solo project. I’ve started writing gloomy poems about with occultism and post-apocalypse. In a while I’ve heard groups Radio Werewolf and The Moon lay hidden beneath a Cloud and this gave me some clue to clothe my poems into some kind of music robe. Before my disc’s release on Cynnfeyrd, I’ve made 2 albums, the ones, that some of my friends have, and which are primitive enough in technical point of view and will never release officially, because I find this period of my creative work is gone.
C: What is the meaning of Wolfsblood?
Some time ago I was a fan of famous America band Misfits and Glenn Danzig. When I started writing my poems, there appeared a question how to sign it up. And I decided, let it be Wolfsblood.
C: What is you musical story?
As I wrote before, I started doing my first musical experiments in early 90s. One of my first listeners was Niktorius from dark-folk project Romowe Rikoito. His influenced very much on my pagan ideology and inspired me on “Twilight Of The World” creation.
C: Do you think to be influenced by your Russian roots?
Partly, yes. In spite of that, that inspiration for my album I’ve taken from Scandinavian mythology and magic, this album is Russian, and, at first, for Russians. Unfortunately, there were no possibilities to release my album in Russia, just because there are no labels, which could be interested in such music. However, I’m very glad, that so famous label as Cynnfeird decided to release my cd.
C: could you tell us more about this “Twilight of the world”?
“Twilight” is my first serious work, in which I wanted to show to the listeners my vision of world by means of word and sound, and try to change something in their spirits, which are constrained by concrete walls.
C: how do you considered yourself in the so-called “folk scene”?
Surely, ritual, occult music is very close to me, and, of course, folk scene. I don’t like noise, industrial and don’t understand the meaning of concerts or live performances of those, who makes such music.
C: How would you define magic?
Magic is the door into other realities. Magic gives to you that, what the System tries to take away. For me magic is my own individual sacral way, and for me magic is not connected with other pathological cults, and with people, which make money on it.
C: What are you main influences?
Radio Werewolf influenced very much on my consciousness exactly in the music, in the magic sphere I can mark books and music of Freya Aswynn.
C: What are your next projects, any chance to see you on tour?
Now I’m collecting the material for my new album, but I cannot say, when it will be ready. I don’t plan live concerts, because I don’t see serious people with common views in my surrounding. And I’m not going to play in a public alone, because concert – it is pure wild energy. Not only standing at the keyboard.
C: is there any place you particularly wish to play?
It’s hard to say. I can say only, that I’m against playing among Goths and other drunk freaks in night clubs. Of course, it would be better to play in natural sacral places, which are full of Power. But this will be pure ritual, and the amount of invited has to be minimal.
C: how do you see the future of humanity?
The future of mankind seems gloom enough for me. And thanks to Gods, I will not be alive by this time. Apocalypse is unavoidable, civilization creates more powerful means of self-destruction. At the same time such concept as Spirituality is going to fade away at all, and people do not deserve mercy. All those films such “Mad Max”, which are trying to idealize Future, which seems to me ultra dark and ultra cruel…
C: Finally, do you have any message for our readers?
Find your own Way, resist to that, which is dictated by System.

© 2005 Cynfeirdd
© 2005 Translated by Vigdis Sol



© 2005 Wolfsblood