Twilight of the World

1. The Last Avatar
Avatar is a human personification of God in the Hindu mythology. A great spiritual teacher, who comes to change the world. Such as - Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, who were the Avatars of God.
This modern world of Europe dies and we need a new Avatar to save it. This short track is the intro to an album.   

2.Twilight of the World
The track was recorded by me in the end of 2002 - beginning of 2003.  Later I changed both lyrics and music. Something was rewritten, and something was added.
In general, Twilight of the World follows the same line as The Last Avatar. It tells of the Apocalypse, when the Past of the Aryans meets their Present. 

3. Algiz
A Runic ritual of protection. All instruments are recorded live, and were played by me.
Female voice by Vigdis Sol. One of my favourite tracks. "Algiz" is very close to what me and my friends did for 'Weldisha' project. 

4. The Cranes
One of my most successful tracks. The text was written after one of my visits to the Prussian sanctuary Romove in the Eastern Prussia. 'The Cranes' Path' is the way that souls of dead Prussian warriors follow.
The track is also presented on the compilation "COLOURS OF BLACK: RUSSIAN DARK-SCENE COMPILATION".

5. Völuspá
This is my first work with a wonderful girl from Tallinn, Vigdis Sol.
Vigdis recites the Swedish version of 'The Prophecy of the Vala'. You can also hear the wonderful voice of Veronica, the ex-vocalist of 'Neutral' and the front-woman of a new project, 'Languor'. The sound of waves was recorded by me on the shores of the Baltic sea, during one of my trips to Koenigsberg.
Of course, it may be not the very original text - for many bands used it in their works, - but, I believe, this version is one of the most gloomy, apocalyptic and ominous ones. I think it is  rather interesting.

6. Wiligut's Visions
Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946) is one of the most mysterious persons of the 2/2 f the 20th century. The last heir of ancient royal family, cursed by the Catholics in the Middle Ages, Wiligut had the so-called 'ancestral memories', and his contemporaries were amazed by his visions.
Helgi of 'Embrace of Branches' on percussion/flute and Count ASH of 'Moon Far Away' on psaltery gave me a helping hand in recording this track.

7. Raido
Another track of Runic Shamanism. Its rhythm and dynamics follow the meaning of this rune. Both Runic tracks - "Algiz" and "Raido" - helped me much in visualizing the runes.

8. The Last Avatar (sami vers.)
The last track from the first Shamanic part of the album. Vigdis Sol recites my poem, translated into the Saami language - one of the most ancient and mighty ones.
Here Vigdis is a true Scandinavian witch; she was able to bring you all the charm and mystics of the North.
The second part of the album is rather varied, but in general it follows the same motif as the first one, dwelling upon the End of the World.

9. The Call
A gloomy and sensual dark-folk track; I worked on it carefully for quite a long time. You can understand the psychedelic undercurrent of the text if you saw the movie, 'The Call'.
What influenced me, was this very film and a meeting with a girl, who reminded me of the girl from the picture - a personification of the Dark Forces. Perhaps, it's the only 'non-ideology' track on the album.    

10. Witches' Voices
The text is a kind of internal voice, that speaks from the depths of my soul or, to be more exact, from the darkest part of it.
Sometimes I fell that somebody dictates the poems to me...

11. Europe
A track full of Traditionalist ideas, a reflection of my personal views. Somehow it reminds of 'The Last Avatar' but, however, the lyrics are not so 'pagan'.
The spirit of Europe is dead and only a great Shock can change the world.

12. Baphomet
An occult track, so to speak. Like 'Twilight of the World' the track is rather old and was changed many times. I can't say that I share Crowley's views, but being a great occultist he inspires me much, especially after I have read his 'Moon Child'.

13. The Black Lake
Reflection of my dark Ego, a concentration of absolute darkness, a demonic ritual.

14. Eternal Winter
Apocalyptic track, telling of the world after the last War, all painted dark. Thinking of such things brings me exaltation.
For me every word here is full of great Power. The part of the old piano was written and performed by Vey and I would like to thank her very much.

15. Spiritual Death
The track has got many good responses from those who heard it. Pure dark folk with a wonderful guitar set, composed and performed by Petr Sviridov. Spiritual Death' reminds me of the times of my co-operation with 'Embrace of Branches'. The text is sincere for 200% - as all my lyrics. These are my views on what is happening with the people in the modern world. 

16. Fight with the System
The music was written by Marinika and of course she didn't know what lyrics would be used. The track differs from the whole album - that is why I've decided to place it in the end.
It is filled with dreariness and doom. The 'System' destroys our spirituality, our inner world. Love is replaced with sex; creativity - with lust for money. Consumption for consumption only. The 'System' kills, and its instruments - radio and television - destroy us since our childhood. And if at the age of 14-15 the young men and women don't become the slaves of the System, most of them would be spiritually dead when they are 20. It's a call for Resistance, it won't be heard by many, and those who hear it would hardly stay alive.

 This is how the album ends. Too solemn or zeal, you will say? But I see nothing bad in being such, if it comes from the depths of your heart.  
Twilight of the World is the dark side of me, my protest, my feelings.

What music has inspired me?
Freya Aswynn - her voice, her albums and her book "Northern Magic",
he Moon Lay Hidden beneath a Cloud, Sonnwin, Radio Werewolf...

The style.
A lot of things are mixed up here, but I would define it as ritual / tribal / neofolk.


2004 Wolfsblood