Officially released on Cynfeirdd, France, February 22, 2007


1. Heartbeat
2. Odin
3. Ansuz
4. Raido (wooden vers.)
5. ALU
6. Algiz (gloomy vers.)
7. Galdur
8. The Shaman's Call
9. A Rune Song
10. Hagalaz
11. Durch Nacht Zum Licht!

Wolfsblood - lyrics, music, vocal, howling, whispers, noises,
bells, shaman drum, ocarina, vibra tone, wood flute,
bamboo flute, rainstick, shakers, triangle, zhaleyka, wood blocks.

All lyrics by Wolfsblood, except:
text of an incantation from the Icelandic Galdrabk from Stockholm (№33, text in Icelandic, 17th century) (7)
text by the Norwegian Runic Poem (The text in Old Norse, 12th century) (9)
text by Karl Kern (11)

Vigdis Sol - vocal, back-vocal (3, 4, 6, 7, 9)
Michael & Roric (Ritual Front) - back-vocals (4, 6)
Leonid Korablev - voice (7)
Peter G. - vocal (11)
Ilya Lipkin (Waldsonne) - mandolin, music ("Goddess" Video)

recorded in Moscow, 2006-2007

2004-2007 translation by Flora, Vigdis Sol, Wolffanger & Blodstjarna,
materials from Leonid Korablev

2007 Wolfsblood



The sound like a heartbeat
The sound is growing up
And seizing.
The sound is passing through
Air and Earth.
Its becoming a part of the whole,
Like a branch of a tree,
An owl soaring in clouds,
A stone, lying near a stream,
Fire giving somebody warmth,
Wind playing in rocks.
The sound is the part of the whole,
Invisible touch of Odin.

in fathomless shadows
in twilight of the future
let our phantoms
gain the power of prophecies.
And everything covert will get an evident one.

Sacrificed yourself,
Cognized the secret of runes.
Take us through the worlds,
Show us your Power
Give us the key from Lower Worlds,
Lead us with secret path
Bring us the Word with ravens cry,
Show us your face in the mirror of waters.
Inscribe Galdrastafr in the night sky.
Stones of the ancient sanctuaries
Has calling your priests.
Take our donations,
Listen to our entreaties.
Show us the True Way
Give us the key from Covered,
Showed us Runes,
Give us the Sign, display your Power.

Raido (wooden vers.)

Raido lights
The path though the snow-covered forest.
The fire-like Raido on the stones and the trees.
The Raido gives the signs,
It doesn't let one to lose his way

Raido - our Fire-Light
Raido - our Ritual
Raido - our Mystic way

Only the chosen one
Could see Raido Rune.
The one, whose name's welcomes to Gods
The path through the mysteries of North
Had painted on the shaman's tambourine

Raido - our Fire-Light
Raido - our Ritual
Raido - our Mystic way

The shaman becomes into wolf
And follows the deer's footsteps
The rhythm of Raido shows the way
The rhythm of Raido's like a rhythm of the tambourine
In Nine Worlds

Raido - our Fire-Light
Raido - our Ritual
Raido - our Mystic way

The shamans turns into the raven
And flies above the snow-covered wasteland
The raven carries Odin's sign
The sign of Odin
Raido - our Fire-Light
Raido - our Ritual
Raido - our Mystic way

Algiz (gloomy vers.)


Defend us from the evil will of our foes
Inspire us with the firmness and the spiritual power


Branches of Holy Ash are in bright worlds,
His Roots are in Realm of Shadows
Unite all worlds in two Algiz's powers.


Protect our sacral ways
Give us the knowledge of higher worlds.


From our world to shining one
There is a rainbow bridge
Pass this way,
Full of Algiz energy


Protect us with magic shield
Save us from the spoilage and overlook,
From the treason and guile


The edges of the sedge and the horns of the elk
Are symbols of aegis
Become the rune, soak up its power
And the protection will be reliable



inn, Loki, Freyr, Baldur, Marur, Tr, Birgir, Hnir, Freyja, Gefjun, Gusta og allir eir og r sem Vallhll byggja og byggt hafa fr heimsins upphafi, gefi mr a a mr veitist essi hlutur.

The Shaman's Call

Spirits of ancient bogs,
Of the eternal trees
And the ancient stones,
Spirits of the lakes and rivers,
Give us your Power!
Souls of fallen warriors,
Souls of wolves and deers,
Souls of priests and shamans,
Give us your Power!

A Rune Song

F vldr frnda rge;
fesk ulfr skge.

r er af illu jarne;
opt lypr rinn hjarne.

urs vldr kvinna kvillu;
ktr vrr fr af illu.

ss er flstra fra
fr; en skalpr er svra.

Ri kvea rossom vsta;
Reginn sl svret bzta.

Kaun er barna blvan;
bl grver nn flvan.

Hagall er kaldastr korna;
Kristr skp himenn forna.

Naur gerer nppa koste;
nktan klr froste.

s kllum br bria;
blindan arf at lia.

r er gumna ge;
get ek at rr var Fre.

Sl er landa ljme;
lti ek helgum dme.

Tr er inendr sa;
opt vrr smir blsa.

Bjarkan er laufgrnstr lma;
Loki bar flra tma.

Mar er moldar auki;
mikil er grip hauki.

Lgr er, fllr r fjalle foss;
en gull ero nosser.

r er vetrgrnstr via;
vnt er, er brennr, at svia.



Aryan blood had mixed with sewage.
Temples of the gods was lost and damned.
Spirit of the decomposition and death is above the world.


Blood has lost its sacred meaning
Damn all the enemies.
Sacred fire will clear the world from filth


Rebirth will come with death
Death to ablution, rebirth through death


May hail will destroy snakes dens -
They wont have their posterity
May gods be with us and the world clear itself!

Durch Nacht Zum Licht!

Urgeist ersten Lichtes,
wir stehen nicht,
wir k
die Kraft,
die Du in uns gelegt,
ist Wille Deiner Schpfung.

Wir knien nicht
vor Dir
in knechtischer Verzweiflung,
von Anfang sind wir eins
mit Dir,
nicht Furcht erfllet uns
im Schmerze.

mit stolzen Blicken
stehen wir,
das Gttliche im Blute,
verbunden und im Ziel zu Dir,
erstreben wir
den Sieg des Guten.

Wir sterben nicht,
im Geistigen erfllt sich
unser Streben,
denn die Erwhlten
Deines Lichtes
Ergnzen sich in Dir,
im reinen Sonnenkreise,
mit ihrer stolzen Seele.

(from video)

You see in the mist
Feel through the walls
How roses opening
And midnight butterflies dying
Goddess, shrouded in the web
Of unspeakable desires
You sense the Life's throbbing
Through the snares of stone
And The World's rust fetters
Covered with signs of Power
Goddess with emerald eyes
Froze like a waxen statue
On the threshold of the chilling Eternity
On the border between West and East
Desired and unattainable...

You see the Unseen
And hear the Unheard
The tiniest parts of the World
Are under your spell